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Other ways to ADD BIDS

You may add bids to your account for sniping is several ways. We show the ADD INTERFACE on the How to Bid section of the Tutorial. But there is adding bids directly from your eBay WATCH LIST, using the SNAPPER tool which goes on the personal toolbar of your browser, and BULK ADD for when you want to add many bids at once.

Adding bids from your eBay WATCH LIST

You may add bids your Bidnapper account for sniping directly from your eBay watch list. As you shop eBay, add auction listing you are interested in to your eBay watch. When you are ready to add those auctions to your Bidnapper account for sniping, click the My eBay Import button on the left sidebar.

Your Watches will be listed on the page which appears. Add your bid, click SNIPE, and the listing is added to your Bidnapper account for sniping. You may also add several at once if you like.

If you are already bidding on items through eBay, and wish to add bids for sniping as a “back up” to your manual bid, click the BIDDING button at the top of the list to see a displace of those listings. If you are already sniping a listing with our system, if it is a Buy It Now, or if the listing has ended My eBay Import will not display those listings.

Snapper Toolbar link

Another way to add bids for sniping is to use the SNAPPER link on the personal toolbar of your browser. The link to the Snapper page in the left sidebar.

Be sure your personal toolbar is open on your browser, then drag the Snapper link to it. Snapper works on most browsers.

As you shop on eBay and click the icon on your personal toolbar, the auction's number and your login are already entered on the popup if you are logged into Bidnapper. You may have to manually add the auction number for auction sites other than eBay. Then, add your bid and the other information, and click SNIPE! to register your snipe with Bidnapper. If you are not logged in, you will need to enter your Bidnapper username and password on the popup.

The REMEMBER ME feature makes SNAPPER very convenient by keeping you logged in even after you closed the browser window. Get more information on this on the SNAPPER page.

Bulk Add

    If you are adding several bids for sniping, you may want to use the BULK ADD feature. The link to the BULK ADD interface is to the left of the SNIPE! button on the ADD INTERFACE:

'Bulk Add' Link

    When you click this link, you are taken to a screen that has instructions on how to use the BULK ADD field:

'Bulk Add' Interface

    Put one auction and snipe information per line on the form, and separate the information with a comma as is shown in the instructions, then click the ADD button. BULK ADD takes the drudgery out of adding several bids when you want to snipe eBay a lot.

    SNIBBLE is an advanced bidding feature which is exclusive to Bidnapper. We developed this feature for auction sites which extend the endtime when bids come in late in the auction. SNIBBLE, a combination of the words SNIPE and NIBBLE, continues to submit your bid in increasing amounts each time the auction is extended, never exceeding your maximum bid. On most auction sites which extend, the extension feature is an option selectable by the seller, so you will see both regular bidding accounts and Snibble bidding accounts available. Add the SNIBBLE bidding account just as you did the regular bidding account by going to MY ACCOUNT>MANAGE LOGINS.


    HOMELINK is a tool which allows our system to place bids from your computer rather than from our servers. This helps Bidnapper comply with some auction sites' restrictions. Using HOMELINK requires the user's computer to be on and online at the time of the bid. Get more information on the HOMELINK page.

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