This is what our users have to say about Bidnapper!

I want to thank you for this site. I don't use it a lot, but it has been amazing. You are WONDERFUL. Thank you, thank you.
-- H.R. 5/8/24

Hi and Hello, Thank you. I really like Bidnapper. It's so easy to use, and you help me to manage my billing. It's super fantastic.
-- A.B. 4/24/24

I know this email is reserved for help only, but I can't thank you enough. I thought I was screwed and was panicking the whole night. You seriously saved me! I'm not sure who is going to read this but, tell Taylor she was a tremendous help! I'm busy at the moment with school, but as soon as I can I'm definitely going to use this service again. You guys are going to have a repeat customer! Thank you again!
-- G.K. 3/2/24

I’ve enjoyed Bidnapper. I’ve been using it for several years and it has worked very reliably for me. Thanks for the help.
-- G.R. 12/15/23

I have been bidding, in fact if it weren't for Bidnapper I probably would not be driving the car I always dreamed of owning. I found a 1993 Ford Taurus SHO in excellent condition and I used Bidnapper to get it. I don't bid on eBay as much as I used to, but I still do from time to time, with Bidnapper. Best Regards,
-- R.S. 11/27/23

I just want to say THANKS! I've been using your service for a while and have always been happy with it. I wanted you to know that your service just nailed another auction for me! I had the eBay auction window open in the background, and it showed me as winner! I was at 320, next guy 315, my Bidnapper max was set to 325. Thanks again! I love your service!
-- J.L. 10/17/23

Being naïve on Bidding Wars, (I've lost a few Auctions) I came across this site (Free Trial). So I asked myself, WHAT HAVE I GOT TO LOSE? VOILA - I WON!!! (Lower then my Max$$$) Thanks Bidnapper - You are the best, and you kept your promise. I will definitely use your site again. Thanks!
-- K.L. 9/6/23

Thank you so much for responding so quickly, good customer service!!
-- H.O. 8/23/23

I won, and only by one dollar! Thanks to you guys I got it. I believe your service has basically won for me every bid I've made over the years. THANK YOU!
-- C.S. 5/27/23

First and foremost, thank you for that FIRST class support. This is just great and unequalled in professionalism and reactivity. Much thanks for helping me out with the changing of my password. I was able to reset it and to log in successfully. Great, clear explanations, THANY YOU !!
-- P.W. 4/26/23

Thanks - you guys are brilliant! I have had this subscription/service for a long time, and I'd kind of forgotten about it - not buy as much on eBay I suppose. There was an item I wanted today though, so I searched out this site in my bookmarks, was pleased to discover I had lots of credits left, and then seamlessly out-sniped everyone else contending for the item. Simply magic.
-- R.C. 3/7/23

I would just like to thank for a job well done. I am so useless at eBay bidding. You made me feel like an expert!
-- G.R. 11/15/22

I don’t know what I would do without Bidnapper . Well, I know, but it would be very difficult and if we have a power outage, or my computer speed is too slow, we have a major problem. We have used it for some years now and could not be happier!!!! Please thank everyone for me.
-- J.S. 8/20/22

You guys are the best.
-- R.K. 4/21/22

Thank you for your great customer service to get back so quickly and with such positive answers. It certainly gives me a high opinion of your people and company... I am quite happy using Bidnapper and look forward to buying more snipes and winning more bids on eBay in the near future. Kind regards,
-- J.H. 2/9/21

By the way, thank you for this wonderful service. I really value it, though don't use it often. It's so helpful. I can't remember when I purchased your service, but I know I didn't pay very much, and thought it was only for five bids, but I've been using your service occasionally for a number of years. So: thank you. Thank you.
-- H.R. 11/25/21

Hi! This is the second I used Bidnapper. Wow! You guys are great! Worked a treat! Thank you for the opportunity. Very much appreciated!
-- T.K. 8/11/21

Bidnapper is a great service, and I enjoy using it.
-- M. 8/2/21

Many thanks for that and the quick reply. Really very greatly appreciated. Stellar support indeed!
-- R.B. 6/29/21

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Really appreciate it, insanely good customer service on your end.
-- C.P. 4/17/21

Not often do you find a service that works well all the time. You have it. Been with you guys for many years.
-- C.S. 4/6/21

I just wanted to say: wow! This is my first time ever using a sniping service and I won. It was extremely easy and efficient and I am so pleased and impressed. Just writing to say thank you so much!
-- C/P. 1/26/21

Your services are awesome.
-- B.R. 1/20/21

I am old and not tech oriented, but I must say YOU and Bidnapper HAVE GIVEN ME PERFECT SERVICE. Love you guys and am happy to tell that to the world.
-- D.D. 9/8/20

I'm guessing people complain when they have issues, but they should also not forget to compliment when appropriate e.g. things repeatedly go well. And so, I would like to thank you for having a reliable service!
-- P.H. 8/19/20

Can't give you enough thanks to Bidnapper. Thanks to it, I can bid far before auction ends and not have to worry that I missed an auction I wanted. I can place a maximum bid well before closing time and no one sees it.
-- T.P. 6/14/20

Yayyyyy, I won my auction!!!! My very first bid!!! I really needed this product at this price!!!! Thank you Bidnapper.com!!!!!!!
-- Y.K. 3/18/20

I am just so glad we found you – I have nothing but good to say about the service. You have truly helped me be able to win any number of things I wanted.
-- J.S. 2/26/20

Excellent work! I couldn't be happier with your timely execution. Such a pleasure!!
-- R.S. 2/16/19

Let me make a couple of comments here. First, since I switched over to you folks for my eBay bidding, I've found Bidnapper to be easy to use and flawless in making last few second bids. Also, I really appreciate this one on one and immediate support from a real, live human. (Of course, maybe AI has gotten to the point where you are really just an electronic entity, but I doubt it). You folks make my bidding life simple. Keep up the good work.
-- J.P. 1/14/20

Great, it works fine...Great Program. I am a true believer and love your program.
-- G.W. 1/12/20

Well done everyone, you have managed to win several items for me lately! Regards,
-- J.W. 10/30/19

This really works - thank you all . . .
-- M.M 4/9/19

Wow, I just used your service to win 2 out of 3 auctions and got great deals in the process. I'll definitely be paying for more once my trial is over. Thanks!
-- S.A. 8/22/18

I'm very satisfied with the service I've received while using BIDNAPPER. I can't imagine going back to buying from eBay without it!
-- D.L. 1/21/18

Great, thank you so much! I really didn't expect such personalized and prompt service, a credit to your organization in these days of electronic dismissals. Thanks for your account advice also.
-- C.M. 12/19/17

Hey Bidnapper, thank you so much for getting back to me and reassuring my mind. You have great customer service and it's greatly appreciated. Thanks again.
-- R.A. 11/6/17

Thanks for the fast response. I was on esnipe for years then they started messing up, so I switched to you guys and I must say your far better. Thank You
-- P.G. 12/14/16

I totally love and trust you guys.
-- P.S. 5/28/17

That's awesome service! Thank you very much for doing this on a Sunday. I've logged in and placed a bid. Wish me luck!
-- D.G. 2/12/17

Thanks so much for being so patient with me! You guys are so wonderful with your customer service!
-- S.W. 6/30/16

Thanks for your help. I'm enduring health issues which are changing my spending habits. I didn't want to let your understanding of circumstances to go unnoticed and with heartfelt appreciation for reversing the charges. Again, THANKS.
-- D. 6/28/16

I'm glad your great service will continue as I have relied on it for years.
-- B.B. 5/12/16

Thanks for getting back with me. I have to ensure it is working because there is an auction I will be bidding on and have to win it today. I have appreciated Bidnapper for years and years and COULD NOT be without it!!!!!!
-- R.R. 4/21/16

Many thanks for your as-always rapid reply. Bidnapper, and you folks that run it, is still the best site on the net hands down. Wish you were running the country.
-- J.T. 4/5/16

An update! Bidnapper has just won me another Casio DG 10 and this time at a cheaper price!
-- J.W. 3/27/16

Hi Bidnapper. Thank you, I appreciate it. Your program is great. I use to collect boxing postcards and won everything using your program. Now I collect paintings, oil and pastel. Thank you for making the program.
-- A. 1/23/16

Yours is an extraordinary service. In the three auctions where I've used Bidnapper, each one was scored with relative ease. I'm rather impressed, and consider that this service transforms the uncertainty of an auction into the assurance of a sale. So far, glad I subscribed.
-- M.R. 1/18/16

Many thanks for clearing up this problem - and congratulations to you and your colleagues for running such a fast and efficient customer support section. Apart from the amazing software and bidding robot service, this is why I (and I am sure many others) will happily continue paying our subscription fees year in and year out. I only wish eBay itself was in the same league! With kind regards,
-- M.C. 11/5/15

Hi Bidnapper! Just want to say thank you. An auction that I was really hoping to win was finishing on a day that I was traveling and I would have been going in and out of mobile range. To simplify matters I got Bidnapper onto it! The seller messaged me to say she was thrilled when she say my bid come in, in the last second and let out a whoopee for me, considering there was a lot of action, she was amazed I won at the last 1/2 second! It shows me, that even if I was able to bid, I don't think I could have done as good as Bidnapper? Thank you!
-- F. 11/2/15

Thank you so much. You are a terrific, helpful individual. Wish everyone cared like you do.
-- D.K.B. 8/21/15

It has been a pleasure using your company's service over the last several years. I've always recommended you guys to anyone that asks me about my eBay bidding. The service/product that you guys provide is excellent!
-- J.K. 8/18/15

Thank you so much. I know many people think it is sneaky to bid at the last moment, but I have found it so useful. It avoids bidding wars, and I can bid way in advance, and not have to think about it. It also helps me avoid over bidding. I decide in advance how much I will spend, and no more. I either will win or not with the amount I have set. So much more fun.
-- S.G. 8/16/15

Thanks for your great service. I love using Bidnapper!
-- H.S. 8/9/15

Thank you for your quick action on this matter. Rest assured I will be using your service again when I want to bid on eBay. Using Bidnapper was really cool :) I will certainly recommend it to friends! Thanks again and God bless.
-- R.S. 8/6/15

Great job! If you continue to be as effective as yesterday than we are gonna do well together. Thank you!
-- G.R. 7/31/15

Just wanted to give you an update - Bidnapper performed flawlessly (and even better, we won!). One of my husband's grandfathers was in the family cigar business (started in Kalamazoo, MI in the mid 1800s) and the other was the president of the second largest suspender company until the 1940s. Neither thought to keep anything from their companies, so eBay has been the penultimate place for us to find things - and Bidnapper has been instrumental in helping us build our collections (or the "Cigar Museum" as our children say). I also have various collecting interests that I've been able to fuel through eBay. With nearly 700 feedbacks (and many repeat purchases from sellers), I have to estimate that well over 500 winning bids have been due to Bidnapper - thank you again for all those successful snipes!
-- L.L. 7/12/15

I'm a new user and wanted to let you know it's been a great experience (actually 3 great experiences). I also discovered today that I will still earn eBay Bucks with Bidnapper bidding for me. The eBay Bucks info page said that some sniper programs bid through 3rd-party websites and therefore, winning bids are not eligible to earn eBay Bucks. Not sure how that could even happen, but the Web's a great big place. So there's another marketing point in Bidnapper's favor. My husband and I will recommend your website if anyone's asking about sniper software. P.S. - It is WONDERFUL that I don't have to download and maintain yet another software program to use your service.
-- M.L.C. 7/7/15

Thank you for the confirmation. You're very fast, detailed and efficient response has been amazing and so helpful. With best regards
-- B.C. 5/5/15

Thanks to you I have won both the auctions on E-bay and I'm very happy!! Thank you a lot.
-- P. 5/5/15

Still the best sniping service around! Keep up the good work.
-- N.W. 4/16/15

Just a quick note of appreciation: I'm 13 months into Bidnapper & anticipate being a lifetime subscriber. It has won me every auction (where I bid high enough), and stopped all the disappointments of the past when I forgot to do a manual 'snipe'. It's a truly superlative service.
-- M.M. 4/4/15

Wanted to let you know I like the new format. Bidnapper is a great tool. Keep up the great work.
-- B.G. 3/27/15

Thank you so much for attending to my problem. I did , after writing, explore the problem in greater detail and came up with a solution. My experience with you and all of your coworkers ,over the years, has been great. You all exhibit the highest customer service ethic in your industry!! It is a pleasure to have found and settled in with Bidnapper. But...I did lose my item due to a low snipe placed by me. Sincerely,
-- D.O'B. 3/23/15

Hello, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the service that you offer. It saves me so much time, worry and money. I have won a few things that I really wanted through eBay lately and it is thanks to you! I will continue to use your services for years to come and will keep on recommending you to people I know.
-- K. & D. 2/18/15

Hello, I tried your 'free trial' today which was very impressive and the 3 people at work who use eBay all the time are now converted in to using your service however I would like to unsubscribe please as this was the first time I used eBay and am unlikely to use again. Many thanks
-- S.W. 2/11/15

Thank you! I cannot believe that you actually still have the time to respond to emails! I have no idea how long I've been using Bidnapper, but am guessing that it's been about 7 years or so. In all of that time, only one of my bids failed to go through (which is probably a good thing........ I have way too much stuff!). And I remember that you posted one of my comments in your testimonials - you provide such great service (at a great price) for those of us who don't have the time (or memory) to sit in front of the computer watching the clock tick down - or just enjoy the thrill of sniping!
-- L.L. 2/10/15

Hello all there at Bidnapper land! Just wanted to share our appreciation for your ongoing service. I think that I first began using your service shortly after you started and wrote and wished you well then...many years ago now! So glad to see your site gradually grow so well over the years. So, many thanks again for all your help over the years and keep up the Good work! And thanks for our latest acquisition, viz., the three green pots! All the best and success for 2015-16-17-18-19........!
-- K.D. 2/9/15

Thank you so much for looking into this issue. Actually, it is the second time that a bid did not go through on GunBroker. I did not know the reason. My bid of $1059.59 was competitive, but below the reserve for a reason. I really want the item, but I was trying to entice the seller into accepting a price more in line with the market. Bidnapper is great, you guys have saved me so much money over the years.
-- P. 1/19/15

Thank you so much for that. I really appreciate it. I have to say I really do like the service you provide as it makes sure I pay no more than I want to and don't get carried away when an item I'm bidding on comes to an end. I have also bagged a few good bargains by using your service and I always advise anyone to use you. You have now made sure that I always will. Thank you and Merry Christmas
-- A.P. 12/15/14

You Win!... Which means, "I won!" Thanks folks. Did a trial and got both items and I'm sure I would NOT have gotten one of them, a $3000 plus classic Hinda motorcycle, if not for Bidnapper. So... Thanks. Huge! I am now a member in good-standing (and sitting back and winning ). Thanks again. Great "app" and service. I appreciate you & God Bless You (All).
-- J.F. 11/20/14

Thanks for the very clear, “idiot-proof” instructions. It solved my problem on my first attempt. You get an A+ for Customer Service!
-- A.K. 11/14/14

Thank you! Fantastic service Bidnapper provides. Also your customer service is excellent too. Well done! Please keep it up.
-- S.M. 11/9/14

Happy to be a Bidnapper!
-- L.A. 10/16/14

Well Frankly Bidnapper - this is brilliant!!! I LOVE your product!!! Thanks also for getting back to me so quickly :)
-- S.B. 10/9/14

I have been with you for years and years and I love your service so much.
-- J.B. 10/7/14

I had a successful weekend in winning auctions. Actually, I won more than I anticipated. Lol. Bidnapper is "outstanding", I am complete believer. I laugh my butt off when I win 10 auctions at the same time. Especially when the highest bidders at the time of closing are the same in multiple auctions. I would love to be in the same room when all my bids come in at the exact same time and see there their reaction.
-- B.D. 9/29/14

OH! Very cool! Bidnapper works so well for me on eBay that I am sure to go broke now if I add this site! Thanks again for the timely instructions.
-- N.L. 9/29/14

Your personalized offer to assist was so appreciated. I have used bidnapper for close to 10 years (I think) and have been incredibly pleased with all of what you do and how you do it. Great job Bidnapper does!
-- A 9/19/14

I appreciate the help and will give it a shot! Thanks for your time, your sniping service kicks ass!
-- R.C. 8/27/14

Wow, now that is AMAZING customer service. You made my day! Blessings,
-- M.L. 7/22/14

Thank you so very much for your exceptional customer service. You have been wonderful.
-- S.G. 7/14/14

I love you guys and your service.
-- T.H. 6/24/14

Thanks Bidnapper; thank you VERY much for your fast and prompt interference - did not expect that. Often services are slow to respond - looks like Bidnapper is different and take customers seriously. Thanks again.
-- T.Z. 6/17/14

Flipping awesome job on the update!
-- S.T. 7/14/14

Thrilled with the service! Love the 'set and forget' nature of it. My only regret was that I didn't sign up years ago - I could have saved setting my alarm for 2,3, and 4 am in time to 'snipe' US & UK auctions (I'm in Australia). I was a bit cautious at first - thinking it was 'too good to be true', so made manual bids as a backup, but they were wholly redundant - Bidnapper delivered every time. I'm hooked!
-- M.A. 5/9/14

I just would like to thank you for such a wonderful bidding web site, done in such a clever way and more... I always admire intelligence, innovation, imagination, and vision. Congratulation!!!! More then excellent, money earned well if such great ideas come through. With best regards
-- K.P. 5/1/14

Thank you! Your service actually works! I just wanted to write you to say "Thank you!" I was leery of whether or not your beta service (on ShopGoodwill.com) actually worked and I just so happened to have won my first auction this morning. I am currently using the "free" version but after winning that auction and seeing how hands-off the process was, I went ahead and upgraded to a paid membership. Keep up the good work!
-- Y.L. 5/5/14

Bidnapper, this could be life-changing for me, as I am a big-time bidder on this site. Best thing since the invention of the DVR! Thank you very much!
-- S.C. 4/26/14

Thank you!!!! Super customer service and FAST as heck! Smile
-- J.Z. 4/15/14

Thanks! I love how responsive y'all are, and have repeatedly recommended Bidnapper, largely on this basis.
-- M. 3/30/13

Just wanted to say I think your business is the bomb. Really appreciate how you do it. Thank you very much.
-- J.S. 3/9/14

Excellent service. Many thanks.
-- J.W. 3/1/14

Thanks Bidnapper, your service is brilliant. Regards,
-- A.L. 2/28/14

Thank you! I really like the Bidnapper service. A long time customer.
-- J.U. 2/26/14

-- M.T. 2/25/14

WOW! I'm very pleased. Won the first time. Worked perfectly. I am slow with a computer, but this was a simple program to sign up for and easy to use. Wish I had done this a long time ago.
-- C.A. 2/18/14

Thanks so much for the quick response. Love your product...especially on my iPhone. I have so much fun with almost guaranteed success!
-- J.R. 1/18/14

You Are The Best!! Just want to let you know how much I love your service!! I have won SO many lovely things on eBay w/your assistance. We've been "together" for quite a while now & I look forward to many more years! I work as a restaurant host & when I chat w/women guests about shopping on eBay I always tell them about you!!! You ROCK!!!
-- N.C. 1/10/14

Thank you for a fantastic service!
-- P.A. 1/5/14

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