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Trouble Subscribing or Getting Service

I have joined, subscribed and can login, but I have no service. I am sure my service has not expired.

Sometimes, a user will create more than one account. Or, a user may inadvertently change one account's login to match another. The duplicate account will interfere with the paid service of the original account. You can use the FORGOT LOGIN feature in the upper right corner of our home page to have all your account logins sent to you. Contact us to delete the duplicate account from our database. This should restore your paid service.

I have joined and subscribed, but my sniping service has not started.

If you have paid via eCheck, or your Paypal payment comes from your checking account, your service may be delayed while your eCheck clears your bank. It will take a few days, just like a regular check. If you contact us, we will be happy to extend your current service or the free trial to give you service until the check clears.

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