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Login Problems

I am having trouble logging in.

If you have already joined, logging into your Bidnapper account should be simple. If you are having problems, there are few things to check.

  • Your Bidnapper login does not have to match the login you use on any auction site. It can be unique, but it can be the same as what you use at eBay, for example, if you want.

  • The login fields are in the upper right corner of the home page and are what you use to log into your Bidnapper account. If they are not there, you may already be logged in.

  • Do not try to login in the JOIN form. You will get an error message saying you have already joined.

  • Make sure cookies are enabled in your browser's Internet preferences. For instructions on how to check that the cookies are enabled on your browser, go to our Trouble Shooting section on COMPUTER SETTINGS.

  • Some users have personal firewalls installed on their computers. Some personal firewalls have a password protection function that prevents passwords from being sent to another site. You will need to disable this temporarily, or exempt Bidnapper.

  • Be sure you are not adding any extra blank spaces either before or after your username or password. If you are copying and pasting, be sure not to include any blank extra spaces.

  • If your browser is filling in the login automatically, be sure it has the correct login minus any extra blank spaces.

  • Use the FORGOT LOGIN link in the top right corner of the site to have Bidnapper send your login to the address we have on your account. Use it to verify you are entering the correct login.

  • Be sure your caps lock is off.

I have forgotten my login.

If you have forgotten your login, click the down arrow next to the login fields in the upper right corner of the home page and use the FORGOT LOGIN link to have your login sent to the email address we have on your account.

I want to change my Bidnapper login; either my username or password. How do I do that?

Log into your Bidnapper account, then go to MY ACCOUNT>MANAGE LOGINS.

The MANAGE LOGINS page is where you can manage the logins for all the auction sites you use on Bidnapper, and your Bidnapper login. Click the Bidnapper Logins button, then EDIT LOGIN button next to your Bidnapper login. Enter the new username and/or password (twice), then click the UPDATE INFO button. If you are using the HomeLink tool for any auction sites, be sure to update your Bidnapper login on the HomeLink tool. RIGHT click on the HomeLink icon in the tooltray of your screen, go to OPTIONS and update your Bidnapper login there.

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