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Problems Using Snapper

I can't place the Snapper link on my toolbar.

When you drag the icon from the our page to your personal toolbar, your cursor will indicate where it can be placed and where it can't. When your cursor is over an area where the icon can't be placed, it may display a circle with the slash. Ignore that, and keep dragging until it is over the toolbar. The circle with a slash will disappear, and you can place it on your personal toolbar.

Adding the Snapper Link

Snapper doesn't appear when I click on the link on my toolbar.

The interface that opens is basically a popup. If you have a popup blocker enabled on your computer, it may be preventing the interface from spawning. There may be some setting within your popup blocker to allow the interface to spawn. You may also want to look under the other windows on your desktop. On some computers the interface pops under these windows.

There is also a small application that needs to run on your computer called "Javascript". To make sure you have Javascript enabled on your computer, and for help allowing popups from us, go to our Trouble Shooting section on Computer Settings.

Snapper doesn't automatically fill in the auction information.

Go into your browser's Internet preferences and be sure "Javascript" is enabled. Instructions are in Computer Settings.

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