Bidnapper Features

Easily add ebay auctions to snipe

Bidnapper, the eBay auction sniper, makes your eBay auction experience easier, more fun and successful. One of the ways Bidnapper does this is by having three ways to add bids to Bidnapper's sniping program so you can snipe eBay auctions easily. You choose the method that is most convenient for you.

The first way to add a snipe to Bidnapper is to use the "add" interface at the top of your pending auction page. To get to this page and add auctions for sniping, just login, and the "add" interface is at the top of the page. Copy and paste the eBay auction number from the eBay auction page, select the contingency auction if you want, enter the number of items you are sniping if it is a Dutch auction, enter your bid amount, and click the "add" button. Your bid has been added to the Bidnapper sniping program. It will appear in the list of pending auctions snipes just below the "add" interface, ready for sniping eBay.

If you are adding several bids to snipe eBay, you may want to use the "Bulk Add" feature. The link to the "Bulk Add" interface is to the left of the "add" button on the add interface. When you click this link, you are taken to a screen that has instructions on how to use the "Bulk Add" field. Put one auction and snipe information per line, and separate the information with a comma as is shown in the instructions. Bulk Add takes the drudgery out of adding a lot of bids when you want to snipe eBay a lot.

The third way of adding bids to Bidnapper's sniping program so you can snipe eBay, is to use Snapper. Snapper enables you to snipe auctions directly from the eBay auction page. All it takes is either the Internet Explorer or Netscape Internet browser, and Bidnapper's Snapper feature on that browser interface.

The Snapper feature is accessed from an icon that resides on your personal toolbar of the browser interface. As you shop eBay auctions, just click the icon when you see an item you would like to snipe. This spawns a popup where you may instantly add your bid to the Bidnapper sniping program.

To add Snapper to your browser's tool bar, login and go to the "Snapper" page by clicking the "Snapper" button on the header at the top of the Bidnapper page. This page contain complete details on the simple "drag and drop" process of adding this convenient tool to your sniping program.

As you shop eBay and click "Snapper", the auction's number and your login are already entered on the "Snapper" popup if you are logged into Bidnapper. Just add your bid, and click "add" to register your snipe onto the Bidnapper sniping program. If you are not logged into Bidnapper, you will need to enter your password on the popup. Depending on your computer's setup, the eBay auction number may already be filled in. If it is not, just copy and paste it onto the Snapper popup.

The more you snipe eBay, and the more you use Bidnapper, the easier the sniping software will seem work for you. Even for novice auction snipers, Snapper make winning on eBay a "snap", because Bidnapper has been created with usability and versatility designed right into the sniping program.

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