Auction Sites Bidnapper Supports

Bidnapper is the most comprehensive auction sniping solution, supporting 26 auction sites, more than any other service. Bidnapper has always been a leader in helping users win auctions by sniping and providing auction management for buyers. Check out the list below to see what sites are supported. In addition, we are open to suggestions for other auction sites to add, just let us know and we will look into it.

Full Support

The following sites have full sniping support plus additional features such as outbid warnings, contingency (group) bidding, and more: (US) (UK) (Australia) (Austria) (Belgium) (Canada) (France) (Hong Kong) (Ireland) (Italy) (Malaysia) (Netherlands)
eBay New (Phillippines) (Poland) (Singapore) (Spain) (Switzerland)

Sniping Support (BETA)

The following sites have full sniping support, but are still in beta testing. This means you will be able to add an auction and we will place the bid for you. Additional features will be added to the auction sites that are used the most:

Allegro Bidz
Delcampe eBid (all) EnergyNet GovDeals
GovLiquidation GunAuction GunAuction (Snibble) Gunbroker
Gunbroker (Snibble) Lelong Liquidation Liquidation Snibble
Molotok Shopgoodwill Tradera